A Fairy-tale Wedding at Gwrych Castle, Abergele - Abby & Rob

This was the one wedding scheduled into my calendar where I had concerns. My baby was due on the 19th September, so I was concerned in case my wife went into labour early.

She did! The day before the wedding!

Maisy went into labour approximately 00:30 on Friday 14th. Later that morning, when the midwife explained to us that we would be having a baby in the next few hours I was so overwhelmed. Not only was I concerned for my wife and unborn baby, but there was the added pressure of how long will the labour take. Could I pick up my car keys, just as the head pops out, and say "right I've gotta go now babe. Off to work"? But there was also no way that I would jeopardise the most important day of my lovely clients lives.

Fortunately, and luckily, Evie May came into the world at 5:45 am, that same morning - It was a rapid birth. I think my baby girl knew that her Daddy had a big job the next day. So although I'd only had a couple of hours sleep in a couple of days, I was ready for this fairy tale wedding at the incredible Gwrych Castle, Abergele.

I had to attend this wedding, regardless of my situation. It was the fairy tale location, just down the road from my home, where I pass all the time, on the A55. The trust at Gwrych Castle have worked so hard to restore the castle from its abandoned state.

Ever since I met Abby & Rob for a coffee to discuss their wedding, I've been so excited about this extremely rare opportunity and it's uniqueness. Over the years I'd kept an eye on the phenomenal work of Mark Baker and the team with the challenge of bringing this epic location back to it's former glory.

The day began at the 'Gardens', which are immaculately restored, and were brimmed with colour and character. Here the guests would be led to the seating for the ceremony, which was beautifully located on top of a turret with the North Wales Coast and surrounding woodlands as it's back drop.

The 'Countesses Writing Room' has been beautifully restored and was utilised by the bridal party as a dressing room before the grand entrance.

The ceremony could begin, with an order and set up swaying toward the bride's native American traditions. Bridesmaids flanking the Bride and the Groomsmen flanking the Groom.

Now officially married the celebrations could commence. Whilst guests enjoyed a few drinks Abby, Rob, myself and members of the Gwrych Castle Trust explored the grounds with some glorious results.

With safety & support factored in, by the Gwrych Preservation Trust, we continued to capture imagery within the castle's main building.

With so many incredible locations to choose from to capture the group shots, it made sense to get as much of the castle in the shot, as possible. I thought this was as good a location as any.

Peak Marquee Hire, as ever, had done an incredible job of setting up the marquee (with clear walls) for the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches. I certainly think it blended in nicely with the grounds. Another great decision.

The 'Pie Banquet' was to die for (perks of the job) and the clear marquee allowed guests to embrace the sun set in time for the speeches.

Finally, the party could commence - the varieties of ambient lighting added to the feel and atmosphere of the event.

What a couple of days it was. The birth of Evie didn't interfere with this fantastic opportunity. I had the best of both worlds and was able to keep everybody happy, and at ease. Personally I loved every second. I won't forget this chaos anytime soon. It was an overall honour working with Abby and Rob and the Gwrych Castle Trust to help make this all come together. I wish all parties all the very best for their futures. Thanks, Nathan


Photographer: Nathan Roberts - NR Imagery

Location: Gwrych Castle, Abergele

Marquee: Peak Marquee Hire

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